Send Flowers Singapore: Different Types of Flowers and Bouquets

Send Flowers Singapore: Different Types of Flowers and Bouquets

There are different meanings associated to flowers, which make them ideal to send as gifts to express emotions and sentiments. The Flower Delivery Singapore that you send to a loved one in Singapore should be fabulous and wonderful and meaningful as well. Choosing the flowers to send can be easier if you know what a specific flower or bouquet means. Let Little Flower Hut provide you the best bouquets of flowers to have a meaningful gift delivered on special days.

Romantic Bouquets

For romance and love, flowers are your perfect choice of gift to send. You can send flowers Singapore in romantic designs if you want to convey messages of love. Roses, Tulips, and Gerberas are some of the flowers that mean romance and love. However, the symbolism of love and romance is also based on the color of flowers. A romantic hand bouquet arranged by the Best Florist Singapore is a lovely gift to give on romantic occasions.

Cheerful Bouquet

Flowers can be sent to celebrants for cheerful greetings. You can send a bouquet of Alstroemeria or Anthuriums as birthday flowers when a friend is celebrating birthday. You may also choose to send bouquets of Roses in colors of orange, yellow, pink,  or white, also you can send fruit basket if you want to greet your parents on their birthdays. To send the right cheerful bouquets on cheerful celebrations, always pick from the florist’s recommended designs. The online florist knows what is appropriate to send based on your relationship to the celebrant.

Bouquets for Beauty and Elegance

The flower shop also has the best bouquets for elegance and beauty. From Orchids to Tulips to Calla Lilies to Carnations, the bouquets will surely make any celebration or occasion filled with beautiful memories. 

Bouquets for Loyalty and Fidelity

There are bouquets meant to convey loyalty and fidelity. Flowers of Chrysanthemums, Daisies, and Sunflowers can be used to show loyalty and dedication to a relationship. 

Bouquets for Prosperity and Wealth
Flowers of Peruvian Lilies, Alstoremeria, English Ivy, Orchids, Morning Glory, Sweet Peas, Bamboo Tree, and fortune Plants are perfect if you want to wish your family, relatives, and friends good fortune and wealth. 

There are different types of flowers that convey different meanings. With florist in Singapore to guide you and assist you, sending flowers is easier. The meaningful Flower Delivery Service  that you choose to send and give as gifts to someone special will always be cherished by the celebrant.


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