Assalamualaikum, hi.

Fatin had invited the readers of her post >this< to share 10 things that we can't live without. Hmm, kinda good topics as sometimes we don't realize what is important to us until we lose it. Apart from the good and happy family, that is obviously the most precious 'things' God gives to us without any conditions, there are many other little things that I appreciate to have with me and probably can't live without. 

All the things are randomly listed, not in specific order like from the most important to the least or oppositely.

01. Money 
I'm being honest here, hahaha. Money can't buy happiness, but food. My mood can changes from thunderstorms to a colorful rainbow after if I get foods. I totally agree with the quotes from The Other Khairul, which sounds "I will rather be successful and have haters than be poor and have sympathizers". And for me, the number one reasons why money is crucial in my life, it can always be my 'lubuk pahala berterusan'. InsyaAllah. 

02. Smartphone
Smartphone had become one of the essential things in my life since I was a degree student. During my diploma day, I only afford a Nokia brand phone, I'm not sure to categorize it as a smartphone or not seeing that it does not support Whatsapp application. Students with no WhatsApp, of course, most of the time, I miss the important announcements. Aiyarkk.. But still, I've survived the diploma with a more than I deserved CGPA pointer, alhamdulillah. For now, I've found that smartphones allow me to keep up to date with my email and vacancy offers.

Thanks to my parents that decided to give me another latest smartphone on my 21st birthday as a present. Perhaps if they did not give me the new phone, I am still with my conventional Nokia phone as I am just a 'takpe tak kisah' girl. 
03. Love
I can't live without love. The love from God gives me the opportunity to start each day with a smile on my face even if the last night I cried to sleep. The love from my family and friends make me happy and appreciate every little thing. Ehem. Lastly, the love from the man that I've known for 5 years and still madly in love gives me hope.

04. Cats 
Natural painkillers. I don't care what their breed, or where they come from, I just love them. Feeding the stray/homeless cats probably can make your days. Time spending with cats are never wasted. Hihi. 
Hello, meet my charming Owen.
05. Lipstick and Eyeliner combo!
I really can't live without lipstick and eyeliner because I'm sick of the questions like 'hang sakit ka?', 'tak sihat ke harini?', and the worst 'hang mandi tak pagi tadi?'. Damn. Thank you for caring about me, but why can't they just try to admit the fact that MY FACE IS JUST PALE, DOESN'T MEAN I'M SICK.  
My face after woke up from a long slept on 8-hour bus journey. One of my eyeliner and lipstick already faded. haha. 
06. Notebook
A notebook is essential in my life because I prefer to do idea brainstorming when I'm bored so my notebook is the safest place for my rarest idea. Hahaha. and I love to decorate the notebook with kawaii stuff. The size of the notebook of I called it 'Private Journal' is not too big so I can put it in my handbag, but not too small because I hate to write in a small space.

08. Transport 
My own car and of course with a valid driving license. Again, thanks for my abah and mama for their overload loves and kindness, hehehe.

09. Books

Good books! We tend to lose ourselves in books and find ourselves there too. In order to get a good book, I need the 'thing' in point number 01 above. Kehkehkeh.

10. Motivation
Motivations help me to get clear about the aims on everything I do. Hewhewhew...

 So what's your 10 things that you need the most in life?

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  1. Kaklong buat juga la entry ni.. :>

  2. @Kak Long bleh kak long,nnti mai terjah...

  3. Muka kucing tu macam minta kena cium dengan Reen. Comel!

  4. Saya rasa most of the things up there sama je dlm senarai saya.. Hehe ^_^

  5. No1 dgn no9 sama ngn akak.. Duit memang kena ada coz makanan Boleh merubah mood manusia bernama shahida.. Buku pula my love and my passion..

  6. comelnya kucing cik mai! hehe :)