The Blue Sky Tag

The Blue Sky Tag
A good chance to know each other and be part of the blogging community - Anonymous

Hi, it's been a long time since the last blog tag I've joined, The Sunshine Blogger Award! Thank you Afifah for tagging me, girlfriend!

Since I still got plenty of free time so why not to join her rockin' this tagging stuff. So let's begin with the rules. 


Hi Afifah. thank you for tagging my blog. I really appreciated it. Indeed it is a great satisfaction for me as I've admired your blog for so long (actually since I met you). I adore your English, smooth and clear! 


1-What was the last movie you watch?
Smurfs - The Lost Village. At first, I just wanted to accompany my 4 years old niece, but the movie is so good and I'm entertained. 5 out of 5.

2-What are you trying to achieve with your blog?
  • Consistently producing informative-but-not-boring articles. Pheew.. It's not easy, but I'm trying. 
  • Gaining extra money through blogging by paid job/review and affiliates.
  • Something to makes me smile when reading it back someday. People changes, memories don't. 

3-Do you think you are someone with a sense of humor?
I'm not a funny person. I rarely make people laugh. I guess all my jokes can be classified as 'hambar'. But I am 'mudah terhibur' species, and when I type HAHAHA, I really laughing my ass off. 

4-Imagine 10 years ago. How does that make you feel about yourself now?
I wanna hug myself and thank me because all the changes and sacrifices I've done before is not wasted.You did great, stay on the right track ok. 

5-How would your friend describe you?
I asked my sister just now to describe me. She just stares at me for a while and then started to points out all the negativity in me. 'Garang', annoying, a bully, etc. Arghhhh, please don't believe her. 

My ex-roomie said I'm her best 'daydreaming partner' because I can dive into someone dream and join her. We just like Spongebob and Patrick, haha. 

6-Do you have hobbies that others might find unusual?
Reading just after taking a shower, errr I mean before putting on the clothes. Hahaha. Enjoy sejuk-sejuk pakai towel landing atas katil baca novel @ majalah. 

7- Have you done anything illegal?
Nope. I'm a boring good girl. Lol. 

8-If you ended up being a prisoner, what likely to be the reason?
Describing what I'm gonna do will be disturbing to read, and I might end up in the asylum. Lol.

9-What most likely the thing that will get you angry?
Orang tak reti minta maaf lepas buat salah, dan tak akan mengaku salah sebaliknya mencari salah orang lain. Gosh!

10-How do you handle yourself when you are angry?
I'll do anything to calm myself down, duduk, minum, istighfar, makan, tidur. I can't handle my body when angry, it will just shaking tremendously. My pulse increasing. Pain in the chest.

11-Best thing to eat when you are angry?
Beef/Lamb. Because it's my favorite food. Hahahahahahaha nothing to do with my mood. 


I'm going to tag my blogging sweethearts:


It's not compulsory to join me in this tagging game, but I hope you'll enjoy answering my question in your entry,

💘What is your childhood ambition?
💘What are you the best at?
💘What are you absolutely bad at?
💘What inspire you to blog?
💘What type of blog (niche) that you love to read?
💘Your favorite skin care product?
💘You are early bird @ night owl?
💘You enjoy official music video @ lyric video when listening to a song in youtube?
💘 Someone you loves @ someone who loves you? Who will you choose, why?
💘 Your definition for 'a good blog'.

Don't forget to leave your post URL in my comment section, I would love to read your answers. 

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  1. Serius mai garang? Nampak muka punyalah penyayang. Hehe

    1. Hehehehe betul la tu kak Ana, garang dengan orang tersayang je, hehehehe. kalau tak sayang tu, lantakkan je. :P

  2. minat kambing juga, samalah kita

  3. Ala...saya lagi yang belum tengok smurt. pling last pun fast and furious 8. Anyway gud luck for gaining money on this blog. u can do it :)

    1. Smurfs bes! hihihi F8 mai tak tengok lagi..

      Aamiin, thank you sis :D

  4. no 6..really makes me almost falling down from my seat..hahaha

    1. Hahaha pelik sgt ke? Masa degree dulu jumpa orang perangai sama,roomate pula tu, haha.

  5. "when I type HAHAHA, I really laughing my ass off." HAHAHA this is totally me!

  6. Mai garangg? Biar betul hee..

    Sama no 9 tuuu

    1. Betul Kak Reen, muka pun bengis je sebenarnya, hahahaha.

      Kannnn, disturbing betul orang macam tu T_T

  7. Tidur lepas mandi pun syok jugakk huhu

  8. saya tak reti sangat bahasa omputih...

    only know yes or no


  9. hahahahah samalah kita Mai! Bial type HAHAHA tu memang gelak tunggang terbalik lah jawabnya. Tak pasti la syed ni kelakar ke dak, tapi kadang-kadang orang gelak. kelakar juga la kot.

  10. Moral of the story: Don't ever dare to ask your sisters or best friend to describe you! For sure, there will be all negatives. Hahaha

  11. Yupp it's really hard to produce the so call informative but not boring article. Feel the same too :)

  12. Hahaha.. bila tanya adik beradik memang win jawapannya..

  13. Yang no 3 tu, kita sama.. hahhaha..