dUCk Giveaway By Blog NadiaIzzati.Nia

dUCk Giveaway By Blog NadiaIzzati.NIA
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Hello & Assalamualaikum guys~!

I think it is quite a long time since I joined any giveaway because my Adsense need to be re-review again after my blog upgraded to a dotcom domain. Finally, I got my ads back and of course nothing can stop me from joining all the giveaway and contest now, yehaa!

Innalillahiwainnailayhirajiun. Sorry to hear about your grandfather Sis Nadia, semoga rohnya ditempatkan dikalangan orang beriman, aamiin.

I know how you and Kak Siqah love dUCk so much! I've seen Syed tweet about people who wearing dUCk got their own class. I couldn't agree more on that. That's the power of premium brand isn't? Same goes to Apple user.

So why not I join this giveaway. Siapa tahu rezeki kan uols. Hihi. Perhaps the gifts could be mine, and maybe it's yours. Jomlah join sama, hihi.

The two lucky winners of this giveaway will be receiving :

1st winner: Brand New Duck Scarves Satin Silk - Rich Monaco colour.
2nd winner: Brand New Duck Whenever Planner ( pink colour ) + New ' Tadabbur ' book.
All you have to do is just follow Sis Nadia's social media & post an entry in your blog, it takes less than five minutes to join this super duper awesome GA.

This giveaway is valid until  25/12/2017, join before it's too late okay! All the best!

*it's 2am now, ignore any grammar mistakes because I can't even thinking straight right now. Pheww, good night luv.


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  1. kite dh join jugak! follow here..

  2. kite pun joinnnn :D all the best to both of us!

  3. Good luck Mai hehe

  4. Hana singgah dari segment yang sama ^^ Good Luck!

  5. thank you Mai and best of luck dear <3

    Nway, kitaorang nie class bawahan je yank. hihi...just mmg suka je dgn Duck hihi . Nak explain kenapa suka ? susah nak explain hihihi... Just both of us really been duck-ed. =p

  6. Good luck! Datang dari segmen yang sama. Follow awak dekat sini. Salam kenal ya :)