My Favorite English Version of 'I will go to you like The First Snow'

I will go to you like The First Snow - English Cover Lyric
Before i held you close i didnt know
that the world im in 
was this bright and so beautiful

reaching you with a small breath
of life
it was a fearless love that drew me out

oh how i loved it when
watching over you made my heart beat
even though i was jealous of
all of those everyday memories.

waiting ever more
surrounded by the dark eternety
just like sunshine you fell down to me

before i let u go i didnt know
that the world im in
was this sad and so lonely too

flowers bloomed and withered here
i know
the season of you will never come again

oh how i want to live
how i wish to grow old by your side
and say how warm you've made my life
while holding you age-old hands in mine

was out fated start
a blessing or a curse encounter
all your tears are more than i deserve

i wanted just to be happy
just for once in life
but my wish
make you cry just like the rain

please move on and just forget me
cause i'll still go to your side
when your breath
calls out to me once again

oh i wont forget
watching over you make my heart beat
even though i was jealous of
all of the memories you gave to me

we will meet again
my happiest wish will finally come true
like the first snow i will come to you 



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  1. alahai sedih je lirik die tuh

  2. Menusuk kalbu lirik lagu ni Mayy..
    Touching sungguh..

  3. Dengar lagu ni, teringat cerita Goblin.. nanges teruk tengok! hehehehe..

  4. mcm best je. dari cerita drama ke

    1. Ya dari drama goblin mamapp, tp sy tak tgk pun drama tu, haha

  5. menarik dan memang saya juga suka.

    cuma tahap kecerdikan bahasa Inggeris saya belum power sangat untuk memahaminya

  6. Sedihnya lagu..tetiba mood tukar sayu..